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Over 60% of offices in the UK have obsolete cartridges in their stock cupboard. With our Cartridge Cashback solution, you can trade this surplus stock into credits for your business. Whether in top condition, within damaged packaging or even missing their original box, Cartridge Cashback provides you with a way of converting your redundant stock back into money.

If full ink and toner cartridges end up in a landfill, not only does this have an adverse effect on the environment, but you are also literally throwing money away. Recover the value of your redundant stock before it becomes worthless.

The value of your redundant ink or toner cartridge is dictated by the individual product code and its condition. To make life simple, we have implemented an ABC grading system which will enable you to easily identify which grade your cartridge falls into. Full details can be found at the base of this page.

Step 1 – Register
To set up your Cartridge Cashback account, you will need our referrer code 1e9094 and your account number, both which we will supply. Then simply create an account online or download the app
Step 2 – Grade
Each cartridge has to be graded either A, B or C which will dictate its value. Full details on the grading system can be found at the bottom of this page.
Step 3 –Enter details
You can enter the cartridge number, quantity and grade online or you can scan the barcode using the Cartridge Cashback app which will automatically identify the cartridge. You will then need to enter the quantity, grade, referrer code and your email address. An email will be sent to you confirming your order and packing details along with a delivery label.
Step 4 – Send
Pack your cartridges securely and attach the delivery label. Send to the returns address and when the cartridges have been received and assessed, we will credit your account to the appropriate value. All stages of the progress on your order can be monitored and tracked online.
To start using Cartridge Cashback today, please do get in touch and we will issue you with a refer code and your account number.
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